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EE Power Bar Recalling due to Explosion Issue

EE power bar Charger EXPLODE

A medical student posted on twitter a picture of her hand burned after an EE Power Bar Portable charger exploded while it was charging in her laptop. She said that it almost burned down their house plus left nasty burn in her hand.


EE Phone Charger Exploded

EE Power Bar Recall


EE immediately investigating this issue and recalling all power bars batch E1-06(This can be found on the side of the product). So if you are one of the user for this product, please take action immediately.
Batch EE Power Bar E1-06
They are also requesting the customers to stop using the device for their safety. EE said that they will replace the returned devices after completion of the investigation. The network operator believes Power Bars with completely different model numbers are perfectly safe; however it’s still putting a temporary stop to the swap-in-shop program while it recollects and restocks.
source: EE

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