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NOX CPM is using Annoying Mobile Pop Up

This is my personal experience regarding annoying Ads on android phone.
NoxCPM is a kind of internet advertising network in which you can register as publisher and display their ads to your website or blog as one way of monetizing your content. They display good ads just like adsense, I thought all was doing fine until one day when I was browsing my blog site through android mobile phone and  found a very annoying pop-up ads that always showing up on the mobile screen every time I load a page. A small iframe that recommends you to download a mobile cleaner app and many other mobile application recomendations were constantly showing and the only button you can see is “ok”. Once you click the button, you will be redirected to the url and your mobile browser will then prompt to download the file. The discouraging part here is that once I returned back to my blog page, another small iframe would start to pop-up and do the same process so therefore there was no way for me or my visitors who were using mobile devices to read my posts.

Noxcpm ad code confirmed was the Cause

Before I found out that the cause for such annoying mobile ads was the Noxcpm ad, I was bothered figuring out on which code to eliminate. I inspected the java scripts running in my template individually and looked for the keyword mt.moneyandroid but I found nothing matched. Lastly I removed the Nox CPM ad code from my blog.It was the last thing I decided to remove because I was not suspecting them to use that kind of ads. Their ads were good and fine when you were using desktop PC but unfortunately not on Mobile. After removing the ad code, I browsed my blog again using my mobile and the constant pop-up ads was gone. That was the end of my problem regarding annoying pop-ads and I confirmed that Nox CPM was the real cause.

Guirella Marketing Tactics

Such kind of ads was described as Guerrilla Marketing, you can read link1 or HERE for additional info regarding If you are using NoxCPM ads or even other ad network, try to browse your site through android phone to check for annoying mobile ads that might lead your visitors or customers not visiting your site again. For me, this marketing strategy is not good way to be applied as monetizing method to a web site or blog.
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4 thoughts on “NOX CPM is using Annoying Mobile Pop Up”

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    "The Nox CPM ad code was the last thing I decided to remove because I was not suspecting them to use that kind of ads."
    How exactly did you solve the problem ?

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    Thanks for the comment, Upon looking the location of their server I found that It is located in USA and +1-347-985-0306 is their contact number. They are just one of the advertising network companies using this annoying popup for their mobile advertisements. I guess the main target for their ads are the android devices.

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