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people make blogs for some reasons

Are you wondering why people make blogs?

Well, they have different reasons behind and who knows you might want to start your blog site after reading this post.

Creating your own blog doesn’t have to be sophisticated or expensive. In fact, there are many people start their own blog for FREE. You don’t also have to worry about the skills needed to start blogging because you could just find a lot of tutorials online. Blogging is not just for IT people. I mean anyone can make a blog site and write articles regardless of your educational background or work experience as long as you have the love and passion to do it.

people make blogs

Reasons why people make blogs

Before you jump into the blogging world, you must first determine the reason why you wanna make a blog. Some common reasons are the following:
  • Expression – blogging is one way of expressing thoughts and opinion. You are Free to write anything you want when you have a blog.
  • Records – If you have important things such as special life events or anything you wish to put together in one place for future use, you can make a free blog site for it.
  • To share knowledge – Creating a blog is a good idea if you are a kind of person who loves to share his/her knowledge to other people.
  • To build connections – Blogging can bring like-minded people in one place and build connections for either personal or business purposes.
  • For Advertisement – A lot of people run several blogs for the main purpose of advertising products and services. Online advertisement can reach more customers with lesser cost compare to traditional offline advertisement.
  • Passion – Some people make blogs simply because they enjoy and really love writing articles.
  • For business –  Because of the internet, a lot of startup business double or triple their income because they can easily spread and inform their prospective customers about their business using the internet with lesser cost.
  • To make money Online – All of us want to earn money, so why not use blogging as source of passive income? There are many ways how you can make  your blog profitable.You can write informative posts and put advertisements on it in order to earn or you might want to be an affiliate marketer.

Some people make blogs to scam

Internet plays a vital role to most of our lives today. Almost everything now can be found online. But we should be very careful browsing in the internet because not all people making blogs or websites have good intentions, some of them are hackers or scammers and they don’t even care about you.All they want is to steal money from you. Sometimes it is hard to determine the scam from the genuine one.
Now if you wish to start your own blog, just make sure you choose not the later kind of blogger.

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