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arm vs intel processor performance – smartphone

Wondering what is the difference between smartphone with arm or intel processor? Let us compare arm vs intel processor performance in this article.

arm vs intel processor performance

Most of smartphone brands are using same ARM architecture for their processors. Samsung Exynos, Qualcomm Snapdragon, Nvidia Tegra and Apple A7 platforms are all same ARM architecture. Intel powered devices are now starting to rise and compete with the ARM Architecture in the market of mobile processors. One thing you should consider before buying smartphone is the processor because it really matters in terms of mobile performance. Basically when we talk about the number of cores does the smartphone has, we automatically think that quad core is better than dual core. “More is not always better“. Just like a plane with 4 propeller engines vs. a plane with only 2 jet engines, which do you think between the two planes reached their destination in a short period of time? Of course the plane with two jet engines.
ARM-processor-vs-Intel-processorSame concept with the processors, you can not always say that quad core is better that dual core. Using Benchmarking app to test the mobile processors performance, Dual core Zenfone 5 and Zenfone 6(intel processors) got higher scores compare to the competing brands namely Samsung Galaxy S3 and Sony Xperia-Z with quad-core ARM architecture processors. Intel processor could be the plane with Jet engine.

Dual-core vs Quadcore

A quad-core processor is faster than a single or dual-core processor just when its running an application that is been created to take advantage of its abilities. Most applications today are still written for single- or dual-core processing, keeping in mind more often than not this basically implies the quad-core’s additional power goes unused, there are different occurrences when the application performs better with dual-core processing power.

Power Consumption and Price

When we talk about smartphone’s power consumption, usual processor consume more power as the number of cpu core increases.In short quad-core processor consumes more power comparing to dual core processor.You pay more money for quad-core devices plus it consume more power. But Intel processor use different technology that makes your device consume less power depending on the price. More expensive intel powered smartphones consume less power compare to low-end Intel smartphones.

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