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SMARTPHONE Series|Excellent Low-cost Mobile Phones (Zenfone 4, Zenfone 5 and Zenfone 6)

Just this year 2014, ASUS released the brand new smartphone series with powerful Intel atom processors. These Excellent LOW-COST Mobile phones are packed with interesting new features that enhance android experience for everyone. You can choose either zenfone 4, Zenfone 5, or zenfone 6 depending on your budget. All of these smartphone screens are gorilla glass(scratch free) so you never worry about scratch on your mobile phone’s screen. Zenfone 5 and Zenfone 6 both have built-in battery except for the Zenfone 4. All of these models also are using new zenUI interface which is exclusively for ASUS smart devices only.
Know your smartphone processor’s performance see Intel Processor vs. ARM Architecture processor.

ZenFone 4

asus zenfone 4
If you want cheap but performs best specially in gaming among phones in same price range, zenfone 4 is good choice for you. According to users review, the phone is performing smooth and no lag when playing games. It also supports OTG, one the features that makes this excellent low-cost mobile phone. You can play big games like racing 3 without lag with zenfone 4, you can also take clear picture with its 5 MP camera and record HD video.Sound quality is also good enough.
The common problem for smartphones is the battery life so do with zenfone 4,it drains battery fast.But you can do some tweaks to last battery longer like using third party application and proper settings that can minimize unnecessary power consumption.
Over all, Zenfone 4 performance is impressive, excellent smartphone compare to other brands in the same price range. This mobile phone is really worth for your money  and built for quality as well.You can see full specs and reviews for Zenfone 4 HERE

ZenFone 5

asus zenfone 5
Looking for cheap smartphones that can compete with mobile phones above its price range? Well, zenfone 5 can do that with very affordable price. During intel product training last 2 weeks ago, they showed a benchmark score in different areas for zenfone 5 performance which is a little bit higher compare to other more expensive smartphones. Excellent choice if you want to save some money and get quality gadget. It can carry heavy games and you can get awesome clear shots by its 8MP camera that captures perfect pictures.This smartphone has IPS display that makes this phone so cool. The battery also last longer, you can now do more before recharging.
The first thing to do when you already acquired Zenfone 5 is to install all system updates in order the OTG feature to work.
Like the majority of smartphones, sometimes you can feel a little heat specially when you use it continuously for long hours but it’s not truly a big deal. You can see full specs and reviews for Zenfone 5 HERE

ZenFone 6

asus zenfone 6

This is the best among all zenfone smartphone series. There is no more heating and battery issue to this device.If you are planning to buy samsung or sony brands ranging $370.00-$400.00 in price, much better to choose Zenfone 6, cheaper but high quality. Various users are satisfied with the features and performance of this smartphone. You can smoothly play those heavy games for androids such as asphalt 8 , NFS most wanted and more other games.They said that the 13MP camera is doing great and it took better features than xperia Z. Asus also is always updating zenfone 6 system  through online update for better performance. User said that for every update the device is getting even better. What makes this phone excellent is the price, intel processor’s performance, the IPS display, scratch free screen and the overall positive feed backs from satisfied users.You can see full specs and reviews for Zenfone 6 HERE

credits to Asus for the images.

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