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How to Speed Up Your Computer by cleaning registry errors?

Like our human body, our PC also needs maintenance or proper care to prevent system errors and other problems. Therefore,every now and then we must conduct a system check up to ensure that our PC is running to its highest performance. Sometimes errors can not be detected without using a third party applications.One of the Particular errors in our PCs is in windows registry.

What is Windows Registry?

“It is a hierarchical database that stores configuration settings and options on Microsoft Windows operating systems. It contains settings for low-level operating system components and for applications running on the platform that have opted to use the registry. The kernel, device drivers, services, SAM, user interface and third party applications can all make use of the registry. The registry also provides a means to access counters for profiling system performance.”

Registry Errors

We may probably encounter windows error like blue screen of death or slowing down of our PC when there are corrupted or missing registry keys. Sometimes your system will suddenly shutdown or restart for unknown reason. Registry errors can cause many problems to our PC and we don’t want it to happen.


You can fix this problem manually if you have knowledge to which settings and files to remove in order to resolve the possible errors in registry.In case you do it your self, you must be aware that altering windows registry erroneously could possibly damage your operating system or make your PC more problematic.Another way of resolving PC problem is using the system restore, but the settings and other computer configuration you recently made will be lost, like for example you have recently installed one or more applications for your business and because your computer is slowing down or having problem, you came up the idea of restoring it to previous date where it was working fine. Performing such restoration could remove your very important applications if the system restoration point was created before the date you made your recent changes. For me, I will just consider the system restoration if there is no more available option to solve such PC issues.

Before things get worst, I suggest to install one of the following software’s to your computer so you can avoid registry errors and speed up your machine.

To fix registry errors, you can use CCleaner or Advance SystemCare (personally recommended).

CCleaner can fix those said registry errors in just a few clicks and Speed up your Computer performance. After tuning-up your PC, you can seat and get back to work and worry no more about slowing down your PC. You can use their FREE software version or pay for the pro version for complete registry cleaning.

Advance SystemCare is one of my favorite software installed in my PC. You can use the FREE version but I really love the features included in the Paid version. It completely clean and maintain the optimum performance of my computer. I can easily optimize my computer depending my needs either gaming mode or work mode.

You can try their free version first to test which one is best for you.

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    This is an awesome post.Really very close to computer registry for informative and creative contents. These concept is a good way to enhance the knowledge.I like it and help me to recover the computer error solve well.

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