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How to Unlock or Open line Huawei E359 Modem Dongle?

How to open line Huawei-E359-Modem-DongleThis tutorial will teach you how to unlock or open line your Huawei E359 Modem Dongle by just following this simple steps. This is 100 % working based on my experience for the said model which was locked to globe network. I came across many forum sites on the internet last few days just to find out how to unlock my friend’s modem dongle, but there was no clear working tutorials to this specific model so what I did was gathered the files and information needed and performed the trial and error process. Fortunately the first time I entered the unlocking code, I made it and the modem dongle was successfully unlocked! I know many are looking for this little awesome thing so I decided to share it to you hoping that I could extend some help through this post.
Once your Huawei E359 is unlocked, you can insert and use any mobile network sim card you like in just one USB Modem. So let’s get started!

Simple Steps To Follow to unlock huawei E359 modem dongle

“I assumed the you already installed your modem driver to your PC.”

1. Secure a google plus account, go to google+ to create yours if you don’t have it yet. We will be using that account in the next step.
2. Go to huaweicodecalculator –“big thanks to the site owner for sharing this huawei code calculator”. You can see a button that says sign in to google+ there, sign in your account in google plus you previously created or your existing account  to access the code calculator .
3. As you can see there are two boxes to be filled out, the IMEI and Model Enter the IMEI of your Huawei dongle located at the back when you remove the back cover of the unit and also enter the model name of your modem dongle to box provided then hit calculate. After that, click plus button to continue. You will be seeing info as illustrated below.The only thing you need here is the 8 digits New ALGO CODE which is colored RED.
Model No. : E359
IMEI : 863664010909xxx
NEW ALGO CODE : 37939xxx
OLD ALGO CODE : 46296021
FLASH CODE : 35132980
If the above code calculator is not working, here is the alternative Unlock-codes/huawei



4. Download  the mobile partner application HERE and install it to your PC.It is the same as the default dashboard function only that the dialog box will pop up asking you to enter the unlocking code as you open the mobile partner app. unlike the default dashboard which only says Invalid or not allowed.
5. Once installed, insert other network provider sim like for example smart or sun to your modem dongle and plug it to your PC. Just exit the default dashboard that automatically opens when you plug your USB modem.
6. Open the mobile partner application you recently installed in your PC.As you can see, there is a dialog  box asking you to enter the unlock code. Now type the NEW ALGO CODE in the box and hit Enter and you are DONE!

Congratulations! You just Successfully Unlocked your USB Modem dongle.


This process is also applicable to different models of huawei products but I use E359 for this tutorial.Each model has only 10 attempts to input the correct code so be sure to enter the right code to the dialog box before reaching 10 times.

Read HERE.. for smart,globe, and sun cellular internet configuration.

Take Note:” Use this tutorial at your own risk! Read the instructions carefully before unlocking your usb modem.”

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